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Historic Preservation Services

Our History Matters provides consulting on diversity issues in historic preservation. We help preserve the cultural legacy of minority communities by providing assistance to help in the preparation of nominations for the National Register of Historic Places. We work closely with historical societies, community members, local and state government agencies and are deeply committed to performing thorough, exhaustive research for your projects. Our History Matters focuses on those communities that are often left out of the conversation that have oppressed histories. We want to BRING HISTORIC PRESERVATION TO THE neighborHOOD! We also consult with museums, genealogy societies and other historical institutions on diverse programming and educational tools!

"Less than 2% of state historical markers represent African American history and culture "

Lets work together to change that

Genealogy Coaching Sessions

Have you gotten to a point in your research and feel you can go no further? Have you hit a brick wall? Do you needs tips and techniques to help aid in your research? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to hire me to be your genealogy coach! I provide one one one coaching sessions via GoogleMeet or Zoom conferencing to address all of your research needs.


Family Reunion Planning

Do you want to plan a reunion for your family but don't know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed by the planning that goes into executing a successful reunion? Then look no further! Im here to assist with all of your family reunion planning needs. Reach out to me for a consultation to lay out your plans and everything you have envisioned for your reunion!

Open Book

Heir & Probate Research


Do you need to identify and locate next of kin on the behalf of an estate? You can hire me to research, locate, identify, document, and search for missing beneficiaries!  The complete research will include detailed reports as well as provide testimony if needed. Travel included. 

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