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"Our ancestors were real people with real families and at this point thousands of descendants that have a desire to know and rightfully should know where and who they came from. This is all about reclaiming and preserving our cultural heritage"

~Karice Luck-Brimmer


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The Danville Research Center for African American History & Culture

The goal of this project is develop the plans for the creation of the Danville Research Center for African American History and Culture(DRC) at 348 Holbrook Street, Danville, Virginia. This Center will seek to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the history and cultural legacy of the BIPOC community in the City of Danville and the surrounding region. Within this space will also be a genealogy research room. The Center will be used as a hub for students, scholars, and families to research and will tell the stories of pre-slavery, the Reconstruction era, and the Civil Rights Movement. 

The Holbrook-Ross Historic District (108-0180) was the first African-American professional neighborhood in the City of Danville. The neighborhood served as the principal neighborhood for African-Americans containing single family dwellings with a library, school, family operated stores, funeral homes and churches; all primarily serving African-American families. The Center will operate to keep the stories of this neighborhood alive.

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Proud BPG Panelist

BlackProGen is a group of professional genealogists who research and document African American families. We share research strategies, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and whatever comes to mind while working for clients and in our own research endeavors through conference and webinar presentations, blogs, podcasts, video, interviews, and more!!!!

About BPG

With more than 125 episodes, our monthly broadcasts feature a panel from BlackProGen and friends discussing a myriad of topics in the world of genealogy from a Black and people of color perspective. Shows generally take place on Tuesdays or Wednesdays with exceptions. Schedule and topics subject to change. Check out our calendar below for the next show. You can our episode archive by clicking here. 

In 2020, we added our hosted Twitter meetup, #CREWChat, and History: Unscripted, a new series focused on current events and pop culture from a family history point of view. Check out the schedule below to see where you can get in where you fit in!

Download the Distrx APP!

Will you be in town for a quick moment or just dont have time to book a guided tour, Download the Distrx App and check out the Civil Rights Self Guided Walking Tour narrated and curated by me! Explore the history of the local Civil Rights Movement and the entrepreneurial spirit that lined N. Union the Black Business District. 

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